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    Our Lakota friends on the various reservations of South Dakota have been facing extremely difficult living conditions for a very long time.

    There is no more buffalo hunting, no more teepees installed in the grass moist with morning dew. No more campfires at night, where each and everyone tells how he struck "a blow" on a crow warrior, the hereditary enemy. No more melodious singing accompanied by the drums, while dancers turn, turn and turn… until they fall from exhaustion.

    There are no more white people to scatter away: white people are everywhere. There is no more freedom, no more sacred circle…


     Now there are the badlands, the trailers in which coldness creeps through doors and windows that don’t shut properly, bringing “white death” to the weaker ones, the ones who don't have the strength to fight anymore. There are days and days that wear away at the throbbing rhythm of seasons, when one must kill time, if not kill oneself when hopelessness is too deep, when life becomes unbearable and one prefers to join Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit.
    There are lots of misery, lots of stress, and lots of sadness... but behind all that...

    ...there is the Sioux nation.

    Still there, still standing, proud of its ancestors who marked the history of their nation, proud of its women and its men who today hold their heads high again for their right to exist and who shout at the face of the world: “See, we are still here”. And it is these women, these men, these children our association wishes to help.

    Our approach is based on two points: love and respect for this people. It is not a matter of changing the face of the world, of believing that everything will change overnight on the Pine Ridge reservation.

    Our Lakota friends are the only captains on board to know how to conduct their political fight and what meaning they want to give to their lives.

    We solely and humbly wish to bring our modest contribution to the improvement of their living conditions on the reservation. We wish to mainly help the children, because they are the most vulnerable ones and because they also are the future of the Sioux nation. By supporting our association, you will join all those who refuse fatalism and who decide to take action.

    We need your help ; our young Lakota friends need your help.

    Together, we have a beautiful humanitarian page to write, for the love of our young friends, to help people who are suffering, to help a nation, a culture not to die out, so that this third millennium sees a positive prolongation in the renewal of this Lakota culture and so that this people can live better on this reservation which once was its land of freedom.

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