• Our objectives


    Our objectives

    Helping children and families through Lakotas programs.

    On the Reserve 
    Propane distribution to poor families.

    Sending warm clothes, hats, gloves, blankets, etc ...

    Food delivery Programs to families

    Distribution of school supplies, toys ...

    Breaking the vicious cycle of poverty by strengthening family ties, promoting economic development and education by offering programs that revive the hope of young Lakota.

    Strengthen families and help these families to protect their children from cold and hunger .... In this way attempt to debase the sordid legacy of previous generations based on poverty and addiction to drugs or alcohol .

    Helping to preserve their old role as guardians of traditional art by allowing them to transfer their know-how to younger generations.

    Helping to cultivate intercultural relationship that underpin that we belong to one world in respect of our values: freedom, equality, fraternity. 
    Concerning the sending of individual parcels, here are the details of our contacts that are sure to distribute to families in need: 

    Marian White Mouse - PO Box 182 - House # 247 - Wanblee SD 57577 USA 
    Rosalie Janis - PO Box 5025 - Pine Ridge SD 57770 USA

     In France 
    1) Enhance their culture, language and arts in France to be recognized as a people, nation and culture. This recognition will give them the clout to defend their claims, develop their own identity and generate the changes that will enable self-sufficiency. 
    2) Working in consultation with central purchasing in order to involve them in our programs. 
    3) Find new partners (cultural, artistic etc. ...) Joining those who bring us their support. 

    5) We also work together with other French or European associations to pool our strengths and skills to increase our effectiveness in implementing our programs. To this end, 
    6) Note our partnership since 2007 with the American Association One Spirit with which we work as one.

    Finally, but perhaps we would have had to start with this, the major objective is to work in total harmony with the Lakota people ... and to share ... because without exchange there is nothing ... that childish vanity of feel necessary. 
    Our work is mainly directed to two tracks: one with associations working on the reservation and the other in consultation with men and women working on Lakota Pine Ridge for the good of their people. No program is carried out without their consent, and must be complete harmony between our wish to help and the perception they have of that assistance. But all that will be built in the love and respect ... and for the good of all.

    Delivery of a cooker for a family of the reserve.

    How to help us? 
    Become a member of our association, whatever your origin, your religion or your political beliefs. The children of Pine Ridge need your aide.Toute life based on a concept of collective work. Alone, we are not much and our ability to intervene is limited. Hence the interest to come together to be more effective. This project need your membership to help our young Lakota friends: help them to survive (in the absence of a better life) in this region of South Dakota where conditions are particularly difficult. 
    By adhering to this humanitarian cause and working in the love and respect for the Lakota people, you will be part of this project.


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