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    Who are we?

    Association for assistance (of any kind) to the Sioux Lakota children living on Pine Ridge reservation (USA). Our association has been registered at the " Prefecture des Alpes Maritimes " under number 0062022884. Published in the " Journal Officiel " on March 10th, 2001 under number 58.

    Our head-office address is :

    Pine Ridge Enfance Solidarité
    24 rue des boers
    06100 NICE 



    mail ; phil.creveau@wanadoo.fr

    blog ( french) : http://pres06.kazeo.com

    Myspace ( English/French) : www.myspace.com/pineridgenfancesolidarite

    President : Phil Creveau ( mail : phil.creveau@wanadoo.fr)

    Vice-president : Catherine Duclos

    Treasurer : Claudine Gianfermi



    By becoming a member of our association, whatever your origin, your religion or your political ideas. Pine Ridge children need your help. Any associative life rests upon a collective work concept. By oneself, we're not able to do enough. So, this is the idea: to gather in order to be more efficient. Therefore, this project needs your membership in order to help our young Lakota friends to survive (for lack of a better life) in this part of South Dakota, where the living conditions are extremely difficult. By taking part in this humanitarian cause, and striving in love and respect for the Lakota people, you will be an active part of this project.

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