• Unofficial tribal election results reported

    Unofficial tribal election results reported



    It’s a pretty sure bet that Theresa Two Bulls is the new president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, but results of the vice-presidential race won’t be certain until official election results are released this week.

    For the Oglala Sioux Tribe Election Commission, last week’s snowstorm threw a wrench into determining results of the Nov. 4 tribal election. Votes are counted by hand, which generally takes a few days. In addition, tribal enrollment officials must verify challenge votes to make sure the person voting is a registered tribal member. There were 491 challenge votes cast in the election, officials said.According to unofficial results 
    released by the Oglala Sioux Tribe Election Commission, Two Bulls received 2,277 votes to Russell Means’ 1,918. The vice-presidential race was closer: Incumbent William “Shorty” Brewer received 2,139 votes and challenger Alice Perkins had 2,021.

    The current tribal president, John Yellow Bird-Steele, finished third in the primary election.

    Other unofficial election results follow. All districts elect two council members except for Pine Ridge District, which elects three.

    Porcupine District – Anthony Wounded Head Sr. (310) and incumbent Phillip Good Crow (223) finished ahead of Beverly A. Tuttle (206) and David Pourier (157) but there were 41 challenge votes in the district.

    Medicine Root District – Joseph Rosales (306) was the top vote-getter. Preliminary results showed Emma Featherman-Sam with 273 and Stanley Little Whiteman Jr. with 272 votes. Incumbent Austin Watkins had 219. There were 82 challenge votes.

    Pine Ridge District – Robin Tapio and incumbent Ella “John” Carlow each received 358 votes and John Mousseau was close behind with 356. Gary Janis received 307 votes, Bette Goings 280 votes, and Lawrence “Larry” Eagle Bull 243 votes according to unofficial results.

    Oglala District – Ivan Starr (305) and Barbara Dull Knife (271) were elected. Valerie Janis-Kills Small had 182 votes and incumbent Floyd Brings Plenty had 160. There were 40 challenge votes.

    Wakpamni District – Incumbent Sonia Little Hawk-Weston was elected with 380 votes. Ricky Gray Grass was second with 283 votes. Maxine Lakota had 257 votes and Dan Rodriguez Sr. had 238 votes according to unofficial results.

    Eagle Nest District – Incumbent Jim Meeks (219) and Billy Amiotte (191) were elected over James Red Willow (127) and Wayne Randall (102). There were 42 challenge votes.

    Wounded Knee District – Phillip Jumping Eagle was elected with 284 votes. Incumbent Garfield Steel-Little Dog was second with 218 votes. Eugenio White Hawk Sr. had 199 votes and Garfield Apple had 178. There were 54 challenge votes.

    Pass Creek District – James Cross defeated Anna Salomon, 165-107. Lydia Bear Killer was elected by majority vote in the primary.

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